1. Our lives will always point to what we chase after the most.
2. The definition of an IDOL- An idol is what we sacrifice for and what we pursue the most.
3. Our hearts are?the battleground that everyone and everything is fighting for!
4. What are you pursuing and creating? Ask yourself, why? IF it is for anything less than to the GLORY of God you have an idol problem.
5. There really are no limits to what we can do there are just the limits we place on ourselves!
6. Anytime we treat a finite thing like an infinite thing in our lives it has become an idol!
7. We all leave a trail to what we worship the most through what we give our time to, money to, and talent to.
8. Idols promote self, God promotes Himself!
9. We should be amazed God loves us so much to be JEALOUS if lovers less wild move in for our hearts where HE alone is to dwell.
10. He WINS He paid more and?sacrificed?more for your heart than any idol would ever dare.

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