We have the opportunity to pour into the next generation by working with students in our very own neighborhood. Every week, we are committing to work one-on-one with students at Napier Elementary in their reading clinic, as well as creating relationships during their Lunch Buddies program. Though we may not get the opportunity to have a full discussion about Jesus, we are hyping the hope of Jesus through our love toward every child we come in contact with. These students are seeking adults who will consistently LOVE them and KNOW them, and we have the privilege of filling that need!

We will begin our Napier Outreach after the MNPS Winter Break, which will be the week of January 8th.



Here are the available opportunities:

Lunch Buddies

The instability that many students at Napier experience in their day-to-day lives can negatively affect that child’s ability to learn, grow (physically and mentally), and, ultimately, to just be a kid. We have the opportunity to offer a relationship with an adult that is consistent, caring, and healthy! Every week, we will visit the lively lunch room over at Napier to hang out with students! This is our opportunity to pour into the next generation by simply showing interest in their lives and having fun!

When: Tuesdays from 11:30AM – 12:30PM


Reading Clinic

Students who experience greater levels of poverty statistically fall below their grade level in reading and math, and Napier is working to ensure that the achievement gap in reading is closed for their students by providing one-on-one tutoring for their students. The relationship that you create with this student and the dedicated time that you spend reading with them will impact them for the rest of their lifetime by doubling their chances of staying on grade-level for reading throughout their school years.

When: Reading clinics are 30 to 45 minutes with one child, once per week. These reading clinics can occur Monday through Thursday, anytime between 9AM and 3PM. These sessions will be scheduled individually based on your availability!


After-School Programming

Napier provides after-school programming that allows students time to work with teachers and volunteers on homework, debrief from the day in small groups focused on socioemotional health, and play with other students in a safe environment until their parents are available to pick them up! This program is currently under-staffed, and we would be an integral part in allowing worn-out teachers to work on the next day’s lessons and get much-needed rest!

When: Monday through Thursday, 4-6:30PM (you can commit to however many days you would like)