Old News/Good News: Jesus at The Center in 10 Tweets:

By December 7, 2015Uncategorized

If you missed yesterday’s message. Here are some of the main points in 10 tweets:

  1. You cannot deny the impact of Jesus. Jesus is the center and He always has been. #goodnews
  2. Jesus is the center of life not death. #goodnews
  3. Jesus is not trying to take your life away He want’s to give you more! #goodnews
  4. It’s one thing to look at a mess, it’s another thing to get a mop and help someone clean up a mess. This is what Jesus did for us! #goodnews
  5. We must stop believing the gospel is old news and start living like the gospel is GOOD news! #goodnews
  6. The old news of Jesus is to merely love Jesus’ teaching, his morals and his kindness. The Good news of Jesus is to? LOVE JESUS HIMSELF! #goodnews
  7. Whatever you love the most will be the center of your life! #goodnews
  8. To know Jesus you have to Read the word…Believe the word…Claim the word. #goodnews
  9. The wise men knew they had found the treasure they were looking for when they found Jesus. Do you? #goodnews
  10. Jesus is the true treasure you find and you make the center of your life. #goodnewsGood News/Old News

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