Top 3 things I believe God is teaching me…#2

By July 9, 2015Pastor's Blog

2. Every great movement starts with a great team.

Every great movement begins with a vision and a visionary, and a true visionary knows to take their vision to people who will hear the vision and then decide to come along side and build it.

The vision of The Move Church is something way bigger than Ashley and I. It is a vision we believe God wants to see all over the world one day, and our heart for building multi-ethnic congregations can at times make our vision even harder. So every single day, we are out communicating the heart of this God-sized vision to anyone who will sit down and have a cup of coffee with us or come to our house for dinner. Why? Because we know visionaries who vision alone will ultimately be alone with their vision. So, one of our biggest daily prayers is “God send us the people you want to build this vision and give us your spirit to seek them out!

The amazing thing is that He daily answers that prayer by sending pioneers our way. A pioneer is someone who is constantly taking new ground, and this is the spirit we pray for our team. We want pioneers to build this new house for God- pioneers who desire to take new ground and pioneers seeking to build new relationships everyday. We ask for workers for the harvest and He sends workers for the harvest. So, if you want a great team then begin in great prayer.

Some of these pioneers have left friends, homes, jobs, and family to truly live out the lyrics, Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Can I ask a question? Do we realize what we are singing when we sing these lyrics? Do we really mean trust without borders? Because to truly pioneer it requires leaving comfortable borders knowing God does not call us to comfort, He is calls us to Himself. Comfort may always be calling, but comfort is not our calling.

One of the most wonderful things about our team is seeing the sacrifices made to their comfort to plant this dream! Seeing the cost to pioneer and build a house for God is staggering to us! Ashley and I are forever thankful for these families, young adults and every single person here in Nashville who has caught the vision and wants to see God pioneer this new ground and accomplish something great in this city and around the world, knowing we could never see this vision come to life without them. For every person who has sacrificed to help us plant this dream, through finance, moving, giving up relationships, family and more to be a pioneer, we want to say THANK YOU! You will never know the impact of living out, Trust without borders and how living those words is going to bring blessing to the world.

So if you feel led to plant a church, a new business or start a new ministry here are SIX things to remember as you build the vision and the team.

1. Every great movement starts with a great team.

2. Visionaries who vision alone will ultimately be alone with their vision.

3. A vision just for you is really no vision at all.

4. Ask God to send you the team He sees, not the team you see.

5. Show gratitude every single day for those brave enough to pioneer WITH you not FOR you.

6. Call your team to something greater than their comfort and they might just give up their comforts.

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