Top 3 things I believe God is teaching me…#1

By June 23, 2015Pastor's Blog

This week I will be posting the top three things I believe God is teaching me in chasing His dreams for my life.

1. Accepting Right Now is hard.

Planting a church is a roller coaster everyday filled with highs, lows, twist and turns. So, here is the truth of where Ashley and I are right now. planting a church is the hardest thing we have ever had to do. I want to say it is the most awesome thing, but right now, at times it just doesn’t seem like it is. Right now is not glamorous. Right now isnt as pretty as the Instagram pictures make it seem. Right now we are finding that people are fickle and people are amazing all at the same time. Right now we are a start-up with 20-30 people and right now is filled with days of hoping and praying we will begin to fly.

But the juxtaposition is that right now is an incredible place we have never been before. Right now we get to pour our lives into 20-30 people in ways we have never had the opportunity to before. Right now we get to celebrate little wins of people walking through a door, coming to a hang at our house, or of someone throwing out the line and fishing for people in our community. Right now is both the hardest place we have ever lived and most amazing at the same time.

You see, our right now is birthing pains and birthing pains hurt. But birthing pains are also a great sign of something alive and growing, where we get to see little glimpses of what is coming and it is absolutely amazing! Giving birth is a risk and risk is always hard, but risk is exactly where God wants us! Because, it is within risk where we finally get in over our heads and thats where God does His best work. It’s where dependency is born. In places where we are not comfortable, where we are scared out of our minds, yet closer to God than we have ever been before learning to love it, live in it and enjoy the ride along the way.

If your right now isn’t easy but your chasing the dreams God has given you, then get up every morning and continue to press in. Your right now is way more beautiful than you really believe it is.

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