1. The more we live from the identity of Christ the more we will love God and love people.

2. There is no act that begins with the love Christ that does not end with the love of neighbor.
3. God is covenantal, interdependent, communal and relational and He created us to be the same. Is that you?
4. Jesus was completely OTHERS-CENTERED.
5. When we are aligned vertically to who are IN CHRIST then we will align horizontally to love and serve those around us.
6. The more vertically concerned we are with who God says we are the less horizontally worried we will be about who others say we are.
7. A person living vertically connected finds more joy in serving others than pursuing the things the world says to pursue: possessions, power, performance, or prestige.
8. If we would believe our life is valuable then we would begin to notice how TRULY VALUABLE others are too! Because the ultimate good in life is to treat things according to their value.


9. A person who KNOWS their identity in God gives their lives to the things God declares to be important and eternal!


10. What can we give our lives to that will always love PEOPLE!

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