Yesterday’s Sermon in 10 tweets…

By November 23, 2015Pastor's Blog
  • 1. God created us to create! #outofthewoods
  • 2. We cannot allow the woods of life to strip of us of the NEW THING God has called us to create or do! #outofthewoods
  • 3. FEAR of FAILURE is the biggest reason we MISS God-given callings, divine destinies and spirit-filled adventures that God has in store for us! #outofthewoods
  • 4. To pursue any great calling God has for your life, you have to get over the fear of failure because to truly live means to truly RISK. #outofthewoods
  • 5. It is better to START and FAIL than to stay in the woods with a God-given calling and never starting at ALL! #outofthewoods
  • 6. If we will remember where we come from and whose we are, we will walk out of the woods and chase His calling because it is in our identity to do so! #outofthewood
  • 7. The moment you decide to walk out of the woods and walk toward your calling, RESISTANCE will come. #outofthewoods
  • 8. When you start claiming Gods promises over resistance, then resistance will move out! #outofthewoods
  • 9. Step out of the woods in faith! Knowing that if God called you to it He will see you through it! #outofthewoods
  • 10. You cannot stay in the woods believing what you have is greater than what He is calling you to! #outofthewoods

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